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Forensic Utility Audit

On average, 80% of companies are overcharged on utility expenses through calculation errors and discrepancies billed by the utility providers.

We provide a no-cost Forensic Utility Audit, which includes both Telecom and Utility Audits, utilizing Energy Conservation Technologies and Eco-friendly Solutions.

I give Commercial Green Solutions my highest endorsement. We have properties that have saved over 30% of their overall energy spend by implementing technologies sold by CGS" says an executive of IHG Owners.

Our no-cost energy audit would be very beneficial. We do the work. We look for inconsistencies in billing by company, wrongful classification of you as a client, loopholes that you could be taking advantage of, and many other opportunities afforded by the individual state/municipality that could lead to refunds and future savings. We have some amazing findings we have done for our clients recently.